Alex Ferrier Building Services are experts in Building Consulting and Draughting Services and have been involved in designing and consulting residential and light commercial buildings for the past 15 years in the Ruapehu region.

The Process

Building Services

Building Services

Alex is happy to meet with clients to discuss a number of areas involved with the creation of a building project:

  • Design ideas
  • Possible site restrictions
  • Council requirements
  • Building Code requirements that may affect the design
  • Proposed materials and their possible implications for the design
  • Any specific design requirements that may be required, engineers, fire design specialists, sewer disposal specialist etc.

The range of services include the preparation of a preliminary design floor plan to confirm that what the client is proposing is covered by the design brief and that the design is as they expected as a finished result. At that point discussion is required on the materials that the client is proposing to use to confirm if there are any known issues with the proposed materials or limitations which may affect the final design.

Alex will then contact the Council to confirm any site requirements that they may have, Resource Consent or any site specific requirements.

Once the owner is happy with the preliminary floor plan Alex will prepare working drawings ready for building consent application, these will include but are not limited to:

  • Site plans
  • Floor plans
  • Bracing plans
  • Drainage plans
  • Roofing plans
  • At least one Cross Section, Elevations,  and various compliance details
  • Specifications
  • Product or material documentation as required to complete the Building Consent application

Alex Ferrier Building Services contracts specialist input for plans where specific design requirements are needed as part of the design process including:

  • Structural Engineers
  • Foul Water Disposal Specialist’s
  • Fire Design Engineers

Alex can also prepare and submit the Building Consent  application to council on the owners behalf.

Range of Services

  • Designing new buildings
  • Residential alterations and additions to buildings up to 2 floors
  • Commercial alterations and additions to commercial buildings including Marae’s, Kindergartens and Schools
  • Building Consent processing

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